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Sauna clothing is designed for those of you who love loose, light and quick-drying clothing. Oloasu is suitable for home use, a cottage or, for example, a sailboat. In addition, the outfits are unisex, so they suit anyone regardless of gender.

Sauna living clothes are loose in design and suitable for all body types. The outfits also have handy pockets.

  1. Hangö sauna bodysuit with sleeves
  2. Ruukki sauna/living suit with sleeves - vertical stripe
  3. A breezy, sleeveless outfit
  4. Ruukki bodysuit with sleeves - horizontal stripe
  5. Ruukki sauna/lifestyle sleeveless
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  6. Helsinki Sauna/oloasu
  7. Ruukki bodysuit with sleeves - vertical stripe
  8. Ruukki sauna/living suit with sleeves - horizontal stripe