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Bath towels

I design bath towels for Scandinavian homes and use. The beautiful shades of nature and the seasons are repeated in the towels. They are large, absorbent, dry quickly and suitable for year-round use.

All the Hamam towels I design are woven from 100% cotton. With different weaving styles, different models can be created, the thickness and absorbency of which are optimal for home use or travel as needed. I design the towels in Finland and they are manufactured in Turkey, where I employ a small family business, without intermediaries.

You can also find hand towels and towel clips in our selection.

  1. Ruukki bath towel
  2. Matilda hamam käsipyyhe - Päntsdrunk Lifestyle
  3. Matilda hamam pyyhesetti musta
  4. Matilda bath towel
  5. Hangö kylpypyyhkeet naulakossa
  6. Skandi bath towel
  7. Scandi hand towel
  8. Palmu kylpypyyhe - Päntsdrunk Lifestyle
  9. Towel set 4 pcs large bath towel
  10. Towel set with clips. Choose yours!
  11. Mesh bath towel