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How did Päntsdrunk Lifestyle come about?

I got to know Hamam towels for the first time when I lived in Turkey. The thinness, beauty, lightness, quick drying and large size of the Hamam towel impressed me. However, for home use and Finnish taste, the towel was too thin and too bright in color. I wanted to design my Hamam towels in such a way that they are suitable for year-round use here in Finland.

Today I live in a charming iron village in Teijo, in Varsinais-Suomi and I design towels and accessories here. I draw colors and designs for my products from Finland's wonderful nature. The most comfortable towels and accessories are created from the beautiful shades of nature and combinations of natural materials.

The towels are woven in Turkey in a small family business. I design clothes from towels, and several patterns are available both as towels and clothes. Each garment is individually cut from 100% woven Hamam towel. We make small clothing items from surplus fabrics, such as pants, etc. In addition to the family business, I employ single women in Turkey who sew the clothes of my collection. I pay the wages for the work directly to the seamstresses, and it is important for me to be able to provide a livelihood for local women.

Päntsdrunk, or kalsarikännit in Finnish, is a saying from Finnish Hyggeily. That feeling when you want to pull on wool socks and relax in a comfortable outfit at home all evening.

Welcome to relax with me!


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