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Kelim Vintage carpet, size 135x80 cm, 50 years

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I personally buy the carpets in Turkey and carefully select each carpet to suit a Finnish home. Old Kelim rugs have a wonderful old patina. The colors don't pop on the eyes, but they are calm and go well with the Scandinavian design.

The Kelim Vintage carpet is thin and light. It is concluded in the so-called littana, i.e. it has no fluff. Dust, dirt and sand remain on the surface of the carpet and are easy to keep clean. You can recognize a genuine Turkish rug by the knots, fringes and edges.

You can wash small wool rugs in the machine with the wool program. We recommend washing larger rugs in a laundromat or gently with a shampoo suitable for washing wool.

A carpet is a good investment on the floor, as long as it is well taken care of.

Manufacturing: Handmade

Origin: Turkey

Type: Kelim or nomadic rug

Material: Wool

Age: ~50 years

Size: 135x80 cm