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Mandala Kimono long off-white

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The mandala patterned off-white kimono is light, breathable and quick-drying. The double fabric is 100% cotton. The kimono is made from Hamam towels and is therefore absorbent and comfortable to wear.

It has a relaxed fit and is suitable for all body types, both men and women. Kimonos are sewn by hand

Mandala white, with an off-white Mandala pattern

Sizes: SM and L-XL

SM: width 65 cm (circumference 130 cm), length 110 cm

L-XL: width 80 cm (circumference 160 cm), length 120 cm

Washing instructions:

First wash at 40 degrees. In the future, you can wash at 40-60 degrees. Color does not come off the products. Laundry vinegar keeps the colors beautiful and the product breathable, so it's good to put it in the rinse compartment when washing.