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Ruukki sauna/lifestyle sleeveless

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The Ruukki bodysuit is made from a Ruukki Hamam towel. The outfit is breathable, light and soft.

Ruukki clothing is unisex and suitable for men and women. The outfit has a relaxed fit and is suitable for all body types. The outfit is sewn by hand, it has a large hood, pockets and slits at the bottom of the outfit.


XS-S: Width 60 cm (circumference 120 cm), Length 100 cm

M: Width 65 cm (circumference 130 cm), Length 110 cm

L: Width 75 cm (circumference 150 cm), Length 110 cm

XL-XXL: Width 85 cm (circumference 150 cm), Length 120 cm

Colors: red, dark blue, black

Washing instructions:

The Ruukki outerwear is pre-washed, so you can wash the outfit immediately at 40-60 degrees. The color does not come off the clothes. It can be washed in mixed laundry. Laundry vinegar keeps the colors bright, it's good to put it in the rinse compartment when washing.